Day One: Maroon Blisters?

Welcome to George Mason University, home of  The Hub, colorful benches and sculpted shoes containing copious amounts of good fortune. In all honesty, I came to this campus nervous and unsure of what to expect, I quickly got over those feelings and  now I’m so excited for what the week has to offer (special thanks to our super enthusiastic tour guide, Derek LastNameICan’tPronounce).

Today’s schedule went as followed:

  • Maroon Platoon no more! Say hello to a proud member of the Maroon Typhoon color group!
  • Dinner, followed by the consumption of an unhealthy amount of sugary fruit punch to help me stay awake (Jetlag is no fun).
  • I won the award for farthest traveled! Maybe not officially, but I think it’s pretty clear.
  • Tina Rosenberg, and the Solutions Journalism Network.
  • Color group meeting comprised of tired, off-key singing teenagers with bleeding feet.

Sounds fun doesn’t it? Well, despite all the physical pain, I have to say I’m actually having a great time, and can already tell that this program and these experiences will shape me not only as a writer, but as a person as well.

Nerdy Journalist Lesson of the Day:

“Access can be, in some ways, the enemy of good reporting.” –Tina Rosenberg





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